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What does a kitchen electronic scale manufacturer mean by baking

Adddate:2018-11-26    Hits:458    From:JINLI ELECTRONIC
Baking, also known as baking and baking, refers to the process of drying and hardening materials by means of dry heat under the ignition point of materials. Baking is an indispensable step in making bread and cake products. After a series of chemical changes such as gelatinization of starch and denaturation of protein, bread and cake can be ripened. It can also change the taste of food.
In the vast majority of countries in the world, whether people's staple food or non-staple food, kitchen electronic scales manufacturers baking food occupies a very important position, therefore, baking food in China has also ushered in a period of great development. Baked food can be said to be an imported term, since-ldquo; baking-rdquo; that is, baked cereals, usually understood as bread-like Western pastries. In short, baked food is based on grain, oil, sugar, eggs and other raw materials, adding appropriate supplementary materials, and through mixing noodles, shaping, baking and other processes to produce a variety of tastes, nutrient-rich food.
Baking food is the first thing that people love. It is rich in nutrition, not to mention most baking food. It is suitable for adding various nutritious food raw materials. As far as wheat flour is the main raw material, it has nutritional advantages that other cereals can't match. The protein content of wheat flour produced by electronic scale manufacturer is 2-3 times that of rice and about 2 times that of corn flour, especially its calcium content is 4 times that of rice and 8 times that of corn flour. The content of wheat flour such as VBl, VB2 and nicotinic acid is 3-4 times that of rice. In addition, baked food is rich in protein and amino acid, easy to absorb, and has good taste and color due to the physicochemical function of yeast. Therefore, in Western countries, baked bread is almost synonymous with food and food.
Baked foods are not only nutritious, but also have processing advantages that are difficult to compare with other foods. The peculiar gluten composition of wheat flour makes baked food not only be processed into many forms with various patterns and styles, but also become the most influential industrialist since human being entered the era of industrialization because of its characteristics of dough processing operability, expansion, preservation and convenience for eating. Food.