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Kitchen Electronic Scale Manufacturer Electronic Kitchen Scale

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First, the definition of kitchen electronic scale: & nbsp;
Kitchen electronic scale, as its name implies, is used to accurately measure the amount of food raw materials used in cooking. The material of kitchen electronic scale is ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Electronic kitchen scale may also be used in tempered glass, generally as the tray part of the kitchen electronic scale, easy to clean. ?
Classification of kitchen electronic scales:
1. By use: electronic scales for household kitchens and kitchen scales for hotels.
2. According to the sensor: electronic kitchen scale and mechanical kitchen scale.
3. According to food raw materials: liquid measuring kitchen electronic scale and quality measuring kitchen electronic scale.
4. According to food products: Western-style pastry kitchen electronic scale and Chinese kitchen electronic scale.
Third, the working principle of kitchen electronic scale:
Like general scales, kitchen electronic scales also determine quality by electronic sensing or spring expansion. In contrast, the accuracy of electronic sensor is higher than that of spring measurement.
Fourth, how to choose a kitchen electronic scale suitable for oneself:
Through the second point, we know the classification of kitchen electronic scales, which will help us choose the appropriate kitchen electronic scales. Generally, the accuracy of electronic scales used in household kitchens is lower than that used in hotels, and the accuracy of Chinese-style scales is lower than that of Western-style pastries. Moreover, the mechanical kitchen electronic scales are generally divided into 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg, and the accuracy is the lowest to 5g, which is suitable for the occasions with low accuracy requirements. Electronic kitchen scales generally have a scale range of 5 kg with a minimum accuracy of 0.1 g. At present, two AAA (No. 5) dry batteries are widely used in the market. In the early stage, the built-in CR2032 button batteries (inconvenient and relatively expensive to purchase) have been gradually eliminated. Conventionally, an electronic scale has only one measurement range and accuracy. Kitchen electronic scales with different measurement ranges have relatively different accuracy, such as 5kg*1g, 7kg*1g, 3kg*0.5g, 2kg*0.1g, 1kg*0.2g, 500g*0.1g.
You can choose the appropriate range and accuracy according to your requirements.