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Kitchen Electronic Scale Manufacturer: Innovation of Electronic Scale Industry

Adddate:2018-11-26    Hits:440    From:JINLI ELECTRONIC
With the two previous reforms in the electronic scale industry, the production and operation are basically quiet. From the technological change in the 1980s to the marketing innovation in 2003. Almost no greater change has taken place in the past decade. However, with the change of the environment and the intensification of competition within the industry, enterprises in the industry of electronic scales are increasingly difficult to operate. Recently, in the process of visiting production enterprises and sales enterprises, it is found that enterprises have no clear plan for the future of the industry, and are more confused and confused.
However, from the overall analysis of the industry, electronic scale is an industry with strong development potential.
1. Irreplaceable, evergreen industry. Although electronic scales manufacturers have different ways and methods to measure the quality of goods, the direct measurement of the quality of goods by electronic scales has irreplaceable convenience. Especially in daily life, production operations. Because of the difficulty of obtaining different dimensions of products, it is very difficult and almost impossible for us to obtain the weight of products by calculating the density and volume of products, but more by weight to obtain other dimensions or to apply in production operations.
2. It is widely used and extensible. As mentioned above, electronic scales are necessary tools for many commercial and industrial applications. Electronic scales manufacturer in addition, obvious affiliation. Basically, it does not directly create benefits, but is only a part of the project.
The above two characteristics determine that electronic scales are an industry with higher profits.
However, in the process of enterprise operation, the electronic kitchen scale industry has been seriously overloaded by new entrants in a certain stage due to the low barriers to entry and exit. According to the statistics of China Weighing Instrument Association, the sales volume of weighing instruments in China was 15.9 billion yuan in 2013. There are about 900 production-oriented enterprises and more than 3000 sales-oriented enterprises (excluding production-oriented enterprises). In terms of average sales volume, the average sales volume of the electronic scale industry is only 4 million per household/year. There are many small and micro enterprises, which have not formed a certain brand effect in the industry. There is no support and obvious advantage from the attachment point of the brand. Price war is the main competition among enterprises. At the same time, the change of the environment has led to the rise of enterprise costs. From 13 to 14 years of operation, the survival space of electronic kitchen scale enterprises is becoming smaller and smaller, and the industry has reached the critical point of operation under the original competition pattern. Starting from 13 years, the industry will face a new round of business transformation and pattern adjustment.
Based on the characteristics and development trend of the industry, in order to survive and achieve good development in weighing instrument industry, from the perspective of market operation:
Firstly, it is an inevitable trend to adjust the internal structure of the industry. It is an inevitable choice for the wholesale of electronic scales to change from homogeneous competition to competition with comparative advantages. Social division of labor and mutual cooperation can achieve a stage balance.
2. Big Fish & ldquo; Eat & rdquo; Small fish, the survival of the fittest is a natural law of survival. In the process of competition, only by seizing the core advantages of the industry or market segments can some enterprises be invincible. The ultimate fate of small fish (which can not form a competitive advantage) can only be attached to big fish or eliminated by the market.
3. The obvious subsidiarity of the electronic scale industry of Yongkang Qunze Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. leads to a certain cross-border competition in the extension of the external industry, thus impacting the original industry, making it break up mergers or promote innovation. Cross-industry cooperation may be one of the development trends of electronic scale industry in the future.
Admittedly, there may be more variables in the development and change of society, and there may be various paths of development. Every enterprise should choose the most suitable path for its own development based on its current situation and judgment of the future. However, the analysis and judgment of the overall pattern and macro-development is also a phased consideration. As the saying goes: those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to seek a region; those who do not seek the world are not enough to seek a moment!