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Electronic scale manufacturer collects waste products and also has cat greasy "remote control"

Adddate:2018-11-26    Hits:462    From:JINLI ELECTRONIC
In the graduation season of another year, some businessmen are good at turning waste into treasure. Electronic scales manufacturer started the business of collecting college dormitory waste. But in order to maximize profits, some people began to use the idea of electronic scales.
Ms. Fang contracted to recycle all the old clothes and other items of graduates from a university in Shapingba District, Chongqing, and sold them to Mr. Qin, a fellow villager, at a price of one yuan or two yuan per kilogram. Where does the manufacturer of electronic scales think of selling two vans of clothes and cotton wool, it is not enough to pay the workers. The more she thought about it, the more wrong she was. On the 10th, when Ms. Fang sold the waste to Mr. Qin again, she found that Mr. Qin had been hiding a button in his waist, and the electronic kitchen scale was pressed from time to time. Mrs. Fang, who had worked hard for many years, felt that the weight was obviously wrong. She found the cat's greasy in the button, so she locked Mr. Qin's car and refused to let it go. Helplessly, Qin called the police for help.
Yao Dong, a police officer from Shapingba District, Chongqing, and Liu Jun, a manufacturer of kitchen electronic scales, rushed to the scene to meet both sides. Mr. Qin embarrassingly described the situation at that time. After knowing what happened, the people warned that the two sides should be honest in their business and not be smart enough to cheat. After the police temporarily withheld the remote controller of an electronic scale in Qinmou, they handed over the parties and the remote controller to the local police station for processing