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        Jinli company recruits new graduates. As the company's talent reserve, after several years of professional learning, students have a systematic professional theory foundation, and are enthusiastic, learning ability, good at accepting new things, but they still lack rich work experience. In the workplace, they are still a "white paper", according to Jinli company. These characteristics of graduates provide students with practice platform, and with a perfect training system for new graduates, guide and develop the potential of new graduates. Through pre-job training stage, rich training courses and flexible and diverse teaching methods, graduates can get familiar with the company's culture and atmosphere as soon as possible, and integrate into the Jinli family. At the end of pre-job training, the company also appoints a supervisor for each graduate, who is a department director or senior staff. The supervisor will "tailor-made" a growth plan for each graduate and continue to provide guidance to help them successfully realize the transformation from "campus person" to "professional person".