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There are two ways to join us:

一、Send resumes or calls online for posts posted through this website +860760-28133793/28133810;

二、If there is no suitable position, please send your resume to the We will contact you as soon as we have the right position.。

Staff training

The company has perfect annual training plan, perfect training system and systematic training textbooks. It can tailor the talents needed by the company according to the company's needs. At the same time, it can continuously re-educate and improve the skills of the existing talents of the company. It provides numerous training courses for profit employees and customers, including pre-job training for new employees. Training, promotion training, skill training, etc.

Principles of Employee Welfare and Remuneration System

(1) The principle of strategic orientation. Jinli regards salary as an important lever to realize its development strategy and break through the bottleneck of human resources. The company will set relatively high salaries for core or strategic employees who are of great value to their career development. The company will set up a "special compensation zone" for exceptional employees whose salary level corresponds to their relative work value.

(2) The principle of fairness. As far as possible, according to the contribution of each employee, Jinli will determine their salary fairly and impartially, regardless of gender, age and the order of joining the company. Jinli will pay great attention to the salary "market" of competitive enterprises, so that the salary of each employee can be compared with that of competitive enterprises.

(3) The principle of transparency. Kinley will strive to make every employee clear and forward-looking about their salary prospects.

(4) Compensation principle. Kinley will adjust the salary accordingly to cope with the differences in employees'work responsibilities, labor intensity and so on.

Welfare system

Jinli has always placed the welfare of employees in an important position, fully safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, but also highlights the Jinli partnership culture between the company and employees to share interests, coexistence and co-prosperity of the harmonious relationship. The golden welfare system mainly includes the following contents: various social insurance, accidental injury insurance, employee serious illness fund, employee physical examination, opening employee canteen, arranging collective dormitory, consoling employees on major festivals, excellent staff travel or vacation at home and abroad, various training exchanges, allocation of work vehicles, holiday home visits, etc.