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Franchise support
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- Decoration support: During the renovation period of franchise stores, the company gives store decoration style and image support, and in accordance with the policy to give store decoration cost support.
- Opening support: franchise stores for the first time, the company in accordance with the policy to support the start-up promotion fees;
- Training support: The company organizes franchise stores from time to time for product knowledge training, product guidance training, installation and after-sales maintenance training, business promotion training, team building training, etc.
- Experience support: Organize franchise stores to visit mature model market operation, share experience and share success.
- Market support: The company's marketing elite team will assist franchise stores to develop marketing solutions, solve various bottlenecks encountered in the development, and deploy business elites to help develop local markets; at the same time, each franchise stores enjoy the support of market costs within the company's policy.
- Promotion support: The company unifies the formulation of holiday promotional programs, the overall unified implementation, and provides a variety of high-quality promotional gifts, advertising and other support.
- After-sales support: the company's 400 telephone service, and carry out interactive communication with customers, to solve the franchise business process worries, worries about the future.
- Guarantee support: Join one family and succeed one.