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Zhongshan Jinli Electronic Welghing Equipment Co.,Ltd
Address:Factory location:283rd South Min'an Road,Xiaolan,Zhongshan,
Franchise policy
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- Operating subject: Individual business households or corporate persons with legal qualifications have strong entrepreneurship and sense of brand ownership.
- Scope of Business: Zhongshan Jinli Electronic Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a full range of products.
- Operating Conditions: Have a certain financial strength and operating place, perfect management mechanism and market control cultivation ability, have their own mature team.
- Business philosophy: strong brand awareness, active maintenance of the brand image of Jinli electronic weighing instrument; recognition of Jinli electronic weighing instrument company's corporate culture and business philosophy, with the implementation of Jinli electronic weighing instrument policies and regulations, willing to long-term cooperation with Jinli electronic weighing instrument, common development; strong market awareness, actively pioneering business Business and maintenance, rich in market creativity; a strong sense of continuous learning and continuous improvement of business capabilities.