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Corporate culture
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Innovation means traditional R&D, but it goes beyond technology and concerns all our employees. Zhongshan Jinli Electronic Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. keeps innovating, not only for products and services, but also for the way of thinking of all our employees.

Corporate culture is the habit of thinking and behavior of an enterprise and its employees.
A person's habits determine the fate of this person, and the habits of an enterprise determine the fate of this enterprise.

Jinli's Mission——"Make Home Feel Better"

Provide high-quality electronic weighing apparatus and household products, advocate a healthy, environmentally friendly and tasteful lifestyle, so that millions of families can enjoy a happier home life. At the same time, the pursuit of all Jinli people's happiness in both quality and spirit, so that Jinli & quot; big family & quot; more beautiful.

Jinli vision——"Become a great enterprise"

Jinli firmly believes that as an enterprise pursuing excellence, it should not only provide customers with good products and services, but also actively assume social responsibility and be an excellent corporate citizen. At the same time, Jinli also requires employees to become useful talents with both virtue and ability, and grow together with enterprises. These three complement each other and are indispensable. In " three products " in, " personality " in the first place, and " personality " also includes four aspects: traditional virtues (benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith), professional ethics, golden spirit and professional ability.

Jinli's Core Values——"Personality, enterprise products, products, three-in-one一"

Jinli as a company driven by mission, vision and core values, works closely around mission, vision and core values. The culture of Jinli is the result of all Jinli people's 18-year struggle, which in turn has played a positive role in promoting the development of Jinli. Jinli's success in the past depends on the guidance of corporate culture. Jinli's future success still needs to better strengthen the construction of corporate culture and give full play to the role of corporate culture.